We have all been in the gift-giving limbo before. Determined to find the perfect present but coming to the realisation that anything you buy will either not get a second glance or just be chucked out in 2 months’ time.
There are so many reasons why gift cards make a whole load of sense. To help you out, here’s a couple of undeniably good reasons why a town based gift card is the perfect present to give this year.

1) 2/3rds of all presents are unwanted

Yep, you read that right. Over 40% of all gift that are given are unwanted and as a result end up being thrown out or given away, with a whopping £850 million being spent on unwanted Christmas gifts alone!

The majority of unwanted gifts (30%) are given to charity shops, with the remainder being sold online, thrown out or given to someone else. It’s no surprise then that 60% of people are asking for a gift card each Christmas…


Closely related to the first point. I love my family but hate some of the rubbish they get me for various occasions throughout the year. I don’t need another Linx gift set or a pair of socks!
It goes without saying that the best gifts are the ones that give the recipient the freedom to get what they need and want – and who knows what they want better than the recipient themselves!

Giving your friends and family a  Gift Card gives them the freedom to buy exactly what they want when they want! It is also a great gift for that person who has everything!

Another great benefit to giving a Gift Card to your friends and family is the security that comes along with having a decentralised gift card is that you don’t have to worry about losing your money if a business goes bust.
In a time where big brands are dropping like flies, it’s probably not the smartest idea to give a business that is struggling your hard-earned cash.

3) Think local

There are endless reasons why you should shop locally as much as possible. But don’t worry we won’t bore you with that… or at least not right now anyway!

To put it simply, when you buy something off the internet, most of your money leaves the community (and sometimes the country) instantly. Whereas when you shop local, there is a far greater impact on the local community than you can possibly imagine. In most cases, local businesses will buy from other local businesses, services providers and farms. Small businesses are also more likely to re-invest its profits in local community initiates and charities.

Another great benefit to shopping from your local shops gives you access to unique products, that you won’t find from chain stores or websites. Many chain stores and websites will buy mass-produced products with the focus on profit and margins.

Perhaps the less obvious benefits to shopping local is that it also benefits the environment! These locally sources products and products require less packaging and transport, meaning less waste and pollution.

4) Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect present for you!

Birthday presents, leaving gifts, thank you favours… the list of occasions to buy your friends and family is endless!

Because the town Gift Card can be spent in such a wide variety of businesses and the ability to choose the card value makes it the perfect present for any occasion, big or small.

Our past customers have used Gift Cards for wedding presents, baby showers, anniversary gifts and much more.